Who are we?


Pledge-a-Portion is a charity and fundraising business initiative based on our concept of embedded giving or building a charitable gift into another, unrelated, financial transaction.

Pledge-a-Portion, through its online crowdfunding platform www.pledgeaportion.org, allows you to take your own pledge; browse through the causes, charities, schools and projects listed on the site and contribute regularly through the easy, secure online payment system.

If you or your business/local community would like to use the Pledge-a-Portion embedded giving fundraising initiative to raise funds for your own company specific charities, schools and non profit organisations, please contact us.

As a registered charity and public benefit organization, Pledge-a-Portion distributes the donations to the respective causes and organizations.

Embedded Giving


Embedded giving is a form of charitable donation, whereby participants purchase a product or service with the understanding that a percentage of the purchase will go to a charity.

There are a number of ways in which embedded giving can work and generally makes charitable donations easier for people, encouraging people to donate to a wide range of causes. On the surface, embedded giving is very appealing and many charities support the idea that every little bit counts and a public campaign asking for a few cents from every customer can net a substantial amount of money.

Embedded giving is also relatively painless for participants; it’s not a big deal to spend an extra Dollar on a product for charity, for example, or to purchase a product that you were going to buy anyway with the understanding that a percentage of the purchase will go to charity.

Through a coordinated effort, Pledge-a-Portion, through its embedded giving and charitable crowdfunding concept, intends becoming the fundraising gateway for charities and non-profit organizations.

Our Projects


Pledge-a-Portion has also partnered with the Bead Coalition Company in South Africa – a philanthropic company that identifies specific causes, creates awareness and designs themed, bespoke, beaded bracelets like the Rhino Force, Ocean Force and Earth Force bracelets. We can all make a difference, even with a small contribution each.