Joburg and Durban’s residents have been dropping off water to help our neighbours in Cape Town who are about to hit day zero. This is South Africa at its best.

One Small Act of Kindness has been collecting water to deliver to Cape Town. The water is for all the animals in the Western Cape that will be affected by Day Zero.

“We are so proud to be apart of this drive. Everyone who has arrived to drop off water is incredible.
Drum roll… 26 TONS of water so far! The truck leaves on Monday and another one during the week-Date to be confirmed. Keep it coming.”
“I am teary in knowing this will make such a difference to those fur babies who can’t fend for themselves in something like this.”

Durban has been a big spot for people to drop off donations. They have had so many donations its only the beginning.

They have collected so much water that they have lost count of exactly how much it really is. The last count was at 26 tonnes. When we called Kelly-Ann for a comment, they were busy packing up the water into the truck that is heading to Cape Town. The truck is leaving for Cape Town 29th January 2018 and there will be a second truck going through later in the week.

You can contact One Act of Kindness to find out where there is a drop-off point near you.

Other groups have also started collections, ‘Bags of Love’ run by Susan Harwood will also be collecting water in the Fourways area of Johannesburg. They have a couple who will be driving the water down to the Cape. The donation point is at Cedar Square this coming Sunday (4th of February 2018) at 1 pm.